How to perform a basic test of the QuadStick using a PC

This test is a quick way to troubleshoot your QuadStick using a Windows PC.  This test assumes the QuadStick is running the Default Configuration Profile that normally is loaded when the QuadStick first powers up.

Start the "joy.cpl" program that is included with Windows.  In Windows 7 and older, you can find this program in the Control Panel.  It is an icon called Game Controllers.  Double click on the icon to start the program.  In Windows 8 and later, the icon has been removed from the control panel but you can search for joy.cpl using the Search Charm.

The QuadStick should show up in the list of controllers.  If it does not, make sure it is plugged into the PC and powered up.  Next, select the QuadStick in the list of controllers and click Properties.  The Properties window shows the live values from the QuadStick.  Move the mouthpiece and if the QuadStick is in "mode 1", Left Analog, the + symbol in the X Axis / Y Axis box will follow the movement.

When the mouthpiece is released, the + symbol should stay centered in the box.

Next increment the mode to 3, Right Analog, by sipping on the right side tube twice.

In mode 3, the Z axis and Z rotation bars change in length as you move the joystick.  When the mouthpiece is released, both bars should remain in the half-way position.

Next increment the mode to 4, D-Pad, and move the mouthpiece around.  You should observe the following behavior and hear clicks as the D-Pad moves between positions:

Next, push on the Lip position sensor and verify the number 2 button lights up.  You should also hear a click when the button lights up.

The rest of the buttons are mapped to sips and puffs on the mouthpiece according to this table:


If a sip & puff tube is plugged with debris, this test will find it.

Fred DavisonComment