How do I make my own game configuration profile?

Using the QuadStick Manager Program, select an existing game configuration file in the Game Files tab and click the Edit Configuration Spreadsheet button.

The spreadsheet will open up in your browser.  You are only able to view original QuadStick spreadsheets.  In order to make your own copy of the file so you can make changes, choose "Make a copy..." from the File menu in the spreadsheet.

Give it a name and a new spreadsheet will open.  You may close the original spreadsheet.

You can now make any changes to the configuration that you wish in your new spreadsheet, including changing the name of the final CSV file that will reside in the QuadStick.  The CSV file name is obtained from Cell A2 on the first sheet (mode) of the configuration spreadsheet.  Unless you wish to overwrite the original CSV file, change the name here.  The file name should be eight characters or less with a CSV extension..

  When you are ready to download these changes into your QuadStick, you will use the new QuadStick command at the right end of the menu bar.  The first time this command is used, it will ask you to Authorize the app that is used to convert the spreadsheet into the csv files that are loaded into the QuadStick.

After you have authorized the app, the menu will change and you can download the CSV file manually and copy it into your QuadStick or you can allow the QuadStick Manager Program to handle the download process for you.


You can also add configuration spreadsheets to the User Custom list by dragging and dropping the spreadsheet's URL from a browser onto the User Custom list.  Dropping the URL onto the "In QuadStick" list will also place a fresh copy of the CSV file into the QuadStick.

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