X360CE - XBox 360 Controller Emulator for PC

X360CE is a open source software project that allows the QuadStick to emulate an XBox 360 controller on a PC.

The QuadStick has a specific controller emulation mode to support X360CE.  Details in the notes below.  The QuadStick needs to be in X360CE mode PRIOR to running x360ce.exe.  Do not run x360ce until you have read and understood them.

Full instructions for x360ce itself can be found on the X360CE website, but the short version is the x360ce.exe file obtained from them is copied into the folder containing the binary files for the game.  Then run x360ce.exe from within the game's binary folder.   The following screen captures show setting up x360ce for Rocket League in Steam:

Copy x360ce.exe into the game's binaries folder and run it there

Note QuadStick x360ce mode, see below

You can exercise the controller to check the operation

Two new files will show up, x360ce.ini and input1_3.dll.

Next, start the game and it should respond to the QuadStick as an XBox 360 controller.


  • Look on the web and the x360ce website for specific instructions for different games.  Their supported games list is seldom up to date, so a google search of x360ce and the game name is often your best bet.
  • The QuadStick's normal controller emulation mode is not the best match for x360ce.  The L2/R2, Left-Trigger/Right-Trigger, show up as on/off buttons instead of analog values.  For games like Rocket League, which would like to use RT for moving forward and LT for moving backwards, this is a problem.
  • A special controller mode to allow LT/RT analog values in x360ce is available through a preference setting on a preferences page in a game configuration file:  enable_DS3_emulation of 2
  • The X360CE mode still allows the mouse, keyboard and flash drive functions of the QuadStick to operate. (Side note: The Dual Shock 3 mode does not. (Side/side note: NEVER EVER set enable_DS3_emulation to anything other than 0 in prefs.csv or default.csv or you might be mailing your quadstick back to me to fix it, just use it in preference pages in game config files)).
  • The QuadStick needs to be in X360CE mode PRIOR to running x360ce.exe, otherwise it will see the normal controller interface and not give access to analog values on LT/RT.  You can always re-run x360ce to renew the settings.  Load a game configuration that has the x360ce emulation mode (enable_DS3_emulation = 2), then run x360ce.exe to set up the game.
  • An example configuration file similar to "Default Configuration" is available here.
  • Rocket League X360CE example configuration file here.

The video below demonstrates setting up x360ce with both a Quadstick and an UltraStik 360 to work as one controller:

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