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A game controller for quadriplegics

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Some things just need to exist.  This is one of them.

The Quadstick provides a hands-free way to play modern video games on consoles and personal computers.

The Quadstick comes in three different models to fit your needs and budget.

The Quadstick is available in three versions:  The FPS, the Singleton, and the Original

The Quadstick FPS has a joystick, four sip/puff pressure sensors and a Lip position sensor which can be assigned to output to any game controller button or axis, or to any mouse movement, button or keyboard key.  The mapping between the inputs and outputs can be customized by the user and changed quickly while playing a game. 

The Quadstick Singleton has a joystick and a single sip/puff sensor.  It provides a lower cost alternative for users who do not need the complexity of a game controller and wish to operate a personal computer.

The original Quadstick has the same sip/puff sensor and software capabilities as the FPS model, with a less expensive joystick gimbal, for a lower cost.

Mounting Arm Kits:

The Quadstick needs a mounting arm to hold it in front of the user.  Quadstick offers three choices in mounting arm kits. 

The Magic Arm kit is the strongest and stiffest mounting arm kit.  It consists of a Super Clamp, a 20" long Pivot arm and a short Double Socket arm that attaches to the back of the Quadstick.

The Articulated Arm has three joints that allow it to be moved in many directions.  The kit includes a Super Clamp, a 22" long Articulated Arm and a short Double Socket arm that attaches to the back of the Quadstick.

The Flexible Arm kit is a heavy duty bendable goose-neck arm, plus a Super Clamp and a short Double Socket arm that attaches to the back of the Quadstick.


The CronusMax Plus adapts the QuadStick to the XBox One or XBox 360 consoles.  It is not required for the PS4 unless additional input devices are incorporated. It is a versatile device that can connect between the Quadstick, a game console, and optionally, a Windows PC.  It can be used when combining 3rd party input devices, like the UltraStik 360 or Tobii Eye-Gaze, to create a customized game controller setup.

Brook Super Converter

The Brook Super Converter offers a simpler and less expensive alternative to the CronusMax Plus for basic connections to the XBox One console.

The UltraStik 360 is an arcade style analog joystick.  The Quadstick Manager Program can relay its position, and up to eight button inputs, to the Quadstick over a USB or serial connection, where it can be used as a second joystick or switch inputs.

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The QuadStick is a mouth operated game controller for Quadriplegics.

The QuadStick is available in three models, the original QuadStick, the Singleton, and the QuadStick FPS.  The primary difference between the two game controller models is the joystick module.  The QuadStick FPS has a larger, more precise joystick than the original model. 

QuadSticks game controllers have four sip & puff sensors and a lip position sensor, all connected to a 32-bit ARM processor that converts the sensor inputs into USB and Bluetooth signals for PC's & Game consoles.

The QuadStick is directly compatible with the PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Mac computers.  It emulates a game controller, mouse and/or keyboard. Through the use of a 3rd party USB adapter, XBox 360, and XBox One consoles can be used. The game controller emulations available are DS4, DS3, Nintendo Pro Controller, and XBox 360 for PC games.

The connections between the input sensors and the signals sent to the host are configurable by the user and can be quickly changed between pre-configured profiles, while playing a game, to match different situations in the game. Specific configuration profiles can easily be created for games that require combinations or unique control inputs.

The QuadStick comes with a one year warranty and has a thirty day no-questions-asked return policy.  The online shopping cart accepts either credit cards or PayPal.