Voice Commands for Setting Parameters

The following commands allow the temporary setting of preference values.

display preferencesDisplays the current preference values
calibrate quad stickRecalibrates the joystick center position and pressure sensors
use USB [(A=1 | B=0)]Selects the desired USB port as the active port
set mouse speed 1..250 [percent]Sets the mouse speed
set volume Set the speaker volume
set brightness Set the LED brightness
set digital out 1..2 Set the state of a digital output
set sip puff soft 2..20Set the sip/puff soft threshold
set sip puff 30..90Set the sip/puff hard threshold
set sip puff maximum 50..100Set the pressure to scale as 100% analog value
set sip puff delay 1..20 hundredSet the delay to active a soft sip/puff
joy stick deflection minimum 1..20Set the deflection the joystick starts to output
joy stick deflection maximum 10..100Set the deflection the joystick scales to 100%
D pad inner 1..100Set the deflection for the inner d-pad zone
D pad outer 20..100Set the deflection for the output d-pad zone
joy stick dead zone (circle | square)Set the dead zone shape

Using the USB-A port requires a special cable.  This use of the USB-A port is "off-spec", so while it has worked on each host we tested, it is not guaranteed to work. 

Fred DavisonComment