Original QuadStick game controller

Original QuadStick game controller


The QuadStick comes with two mouthpieces and a USB cable.

The QuadStick mounts using the 1" Size B RAM Mount system.  Select one of the mounting kit options to make a complete system or see the mounting kit descriptions for the parts sources to assemble your own mount.

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The QuadStick is a mouth operated joystick, with multiple sip & puff sensors, a lip position sensor, and a push switch, connected to a 32 bit ARM processor that converts the sensor inputs into USB and Bluetooth signals for PC's, Game consoles and Android devices.

The QuadStick appears to the host device as a PS3 compatible Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard and Flash drive. The connections between the input sensors and the signals sent to the host are configurable by the user and can be changed between preconfigured profiles, while playing a game, to match different stages of the game.

The QuadStick can be used with the CronusMax cross-over gaming adapter to control other types of consoles, such as XBox One, XBox 360 and the Playstation 4.

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