Has it been longer than 12 months since you received your QuadStick?

Then Click here for Non Warranty repairs

Instructions for returning the QuadStick for Warranty repair

  1. Include a piece of paper with your name and the address to which you want the repaired QuadStick sent.  Return addresses on boxes are sometimes unreadable.

  2. Return only the QuadStick. Do not return mounting arms or other accessory parts.

  3. Please notify me of the shipment using the form below.  Include a tracking number if you have one.

Send to:

Fred Davison
1823 2nd Ave N
Great Falls, MT 59401-3227
ph: 406-205-4044

Name *
Where do you want the repaired QuadStick sent?
Please provide a brief description of what is broken:
Optional: Please enter your original order number.
Optional: Please enter the serial number of the QuadStick, which is located on the back cover of the QuadStick.