Precedence of Preferences.... (Say that five times real fast)

The QuadStick settings can be tailored to an individual's preference: Globally (in prefs.csv), in a Game Configuration file, by Voice Command, or even in a specific game Mode sheet within a game configuration file.

The value of a preference setting that is active at any given moment is determined by the order in which the value from each source is processed.

Preferences are first read from the Prefs.csv file.  If a game configuration file is loaded and it has a Preferences Sheet, those values override the values in Prefs.csv.  Next, any voice commands that change a Preference value can replace many of the values in Prefs.csv or a Preferences page.  Finally, any preference value found on a Mode sheet in a game configuration file has the final say for the value. 

The Preferences found on Mode sheets are only in effect when that Mode is active.  This allows an individual mode to have a specific joystick sensitivity setting or control the center dead zone shape, to fine tune the control of the QuadStick.

The Default Preferences file shown below indicates where specific values can be set. 

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