How to use Voice commands with the QuadStick

For installation instructions, see How to set up Voice Commands for the QuadStick.

Voice commands allow the user to automate sequences of button presses and stick movements, or "say one thing and do another".  Once all the software is installed and the hardware is hooked up, start Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) and the QuadStick Manager Program (QMP).  The screen should look something like this:

The transcript in the lower left of the QPM window will contain status messages from the program.  The large text pane in the middle of the window contains the voice command transcript.

Wake up DNS and say "reset".  The QMP will search for a com port connected to the QuadStick and should eventually say it found a com port, then delivered the command.  The screen should look like:

This video shows the use of the Voice commands with an earlier version of the QMP program.

Voice commands convert a spoken phrase, like "Left one on", or "Repeat Right one five times", into a series of button presses or stick movements on the QuadStick.  The vocabulary for the Playstation consoles are:

Playstation version: QuadStick Voice Commands

XBox version: QuadStick XBox Voice Commands


  • Any Action, D-Pad Buttonname can be repeated by "Repeat <name>" for ten rapid repeats, or used in the phrase "Repeat <name> <number> times", where number is 1 through 100.
  • Stop or Reset clears all active outputs and is a good starting point or way to recover from unknown states.
  • For the PS4, "Touch pad on" and "Touch pad off", enables or disables mapping Left Analog stick to the touch pad position, with the Lip sensor as the touch itself.


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