Game controllers for quadriplegics

Free Mouthpiece offer

Post a YouTube video of yourself using the QuadStick and receive a free mouthpiece in your choice of color and size, and a new brass side tube*. 

When you decided to risk your money buying a QuadStick,  I think part of what convinced you to try it was the video by Matt Victor. 

Now there are almost ninety QuadStick users and I receive emails that say things like:

"This is easily one of the most freeing devices my son possesses"

"I literally use this thing 24/7. Love it too much"

"[He] absolutely LOVES it!"

"I have not had this much fun on my own in over 30+ years!"

I also get emails like:

"Could you give some reference of user's satisfaction?"

"I'm wondering if this is the right system"

While I can answer the technical questions, the answers that matter most could best be answered by you.  Seeing videos of actual users of the QuadStick, and the games that can be played with it, would go a long way towards convincing someone to take the same chance you did and bring video games back into their life.

*So here's the deal:  If you post a YouTube video of yourself using a QuadStick, with the word QuadStick in the title or in a Tag, I will send you a mouthpiece and a new side tube.