Frequently Asked Questions

Does the QuadStick work with the _____ console or computer?

The QuadStick is primarily a PS3 compatible game controller.  It also works directly with Windows or Mac personal computers and most Android devices.  The QuadStick also functions  as a Mouse, Keyboard and Flash drive.  The internal PS3 web browser or a PC browser can be used to download new game profiles and firmware updates.

The QuadStick can also be used with the XBox One/360 or PS4 consoles with the help of the CronusMax crossover gaming device.  For the details (particularly for the PS4) see the How to... pages.

Can the QuadStick be used to play the _____ game?

The QuadStick can send all the pressure sensitive buttons and analog sticks of the PS3 game controller.  It also can send some of the Gyro/Accelerometer signals of the Six-Axis controller, but there are limitations. 

The default configuration works well for most games and many players use it exclusively.  Some games benefit from customized configurations, we call profiles.  Configuration profiles can be downloaded into the QuadStick and the user can select the active profile while playing.

See the full library of game profiles here.