Frequently Asked Questions

Does the QuadStick work with the _____ console or computer?

The QuadStick can work directly with a PS3, PS4 or Nintendo Switch game console, or  directly with Windows or Mac personal computers, and most Android devices.  The QuadStick functions  as a Game Controller, Mouse, Keyboard and Flash drive.  Custom configuration files can be loaded into the Quadstick with a PC or Mac.

The QuadStick can also be used with the XBox One/360 consoles with the help of the CronusMax, or Brooks PS3/PS4 Super Converter crossover gaming device.  For the details, see the How to... pages.

Can the QuadStick be used to play the _____ game?

The QuadStick can send all the pressure sensitive buttons and analog sticks of the PS3 game controller.  It also can send some of the Gyro/Accelerometer signals of the Six-Axis and DS4 controllers. 

The default configuration works well for basic games and many players use it exclusively.  Some games benefit from customized configurations, we call profiles.  Configuration profiles can be downloaded into the QuadStick and the user can select the active profile while playing.

See the full library of game profiles here.  Users can create their own configuration profiles and share them with others in the forum.

How much is shipping?

Postage for US destinations for all orders is $16.  Orders are shipped via Priority Mail which takes two or three days in transit.

International orders are shipped via Priority Mail International, which costs $60 - $75 per order and usually takes a week to ten days.  Express Mail International ($90, 3-5 days) and Global Express Guaranteed ($150, 1-3 days) is available to some countries.

All local sales taxes and customs tariffs are the responsibility of the buyer. 

Can I return the Quadstick for a refund if it does not work for me?

Yes.  Contact Quadstick within thirty days of receiving it and for instructions.  Once it is returned, a refund minus the shipping costs will be issued.

Import duties and fees for international orders

Internationally, almost all of Quadstick products are exempt from tax including VAT, GST, HST in most countries under customs harmonization code 9817.00.96 "Articles specially designed or adapted for the use or benefit of the blind or physically handicapped persons".  However, Quadstick has no influence on your country's customs officials if they decide a product does not qualify under HS Code 9817.0 0.96. The customer is responsible for any import duties or taxes imposed by your country. If you are charged such fees, ask about possible exemption status as you may qualify for a refund.

I cannot afford to buy a Quadstick. How can I get one?

Medicaid, the VA and private insurance have provided funding for Quadsticks. The process usually starts with talking to a prosthetics counselor to get a prescription. 

There are charities that specialize in helping people with a wide range of disabilities play videogames. The have a great deal of experience in finding the right equipment to match the needs of the video game player.

In the US:

Able Gamers

Warfighter Enagaged

In the UK:

Special Effect.

General charities, such as Make a Wish and local MDA chapters have also provided systems.

Finally, GoFundMe has successfully been used to raise the funds to purchase a Quadstick for several people now using Quadsticks. If you start a GoFundMe champagne, be sure and post a link to it in the forum.