How to update the Game Configuration spreadsheet script library.

The software that converts a game configuration spreadsheet into the form that is loaded into a QuadStick resides in a library file that changes from time to time.  As changes are made, new versions of the library are released.  There is no automatic way to update the version of the library in a user's custom spreadsheet, so these are the instructions on how to manually change the library version used by your spreadsheet.

Open the spreadsheet and choose Tools->Script Editor... from the menu:

After the Script Editor opens up, choose Resources->Libraries...


Select the QuadStick CSV Export Script from the list and then click on Version and select the highest numbered version, then click Save.

One final step:  In the Script Editor, select Run->OnOpen

Next, close the Script Editor.  Rinse and repeat for your other game configuration spreadsheets.

Fred DavisonComment